The STRATVS Winery is located in Barranco del Obispo (Bishop´s Ravine) at the edge of Timanfaya Natural Park. The architectural design of the Winery has been devised with maximum consideration for the value of the landscape in the location and its status as a protected natural space.

The winery, as well as the rest of its facilities, has been built on the subsoil, maintaining the original topography of the ravine. To build it, materials from the area or with a low visual impact were used, such as volcanic stone, iron and wood.

We have modern and state-of-the-art equipment that surprises all the visitors when they come inside due to its innovative nature and the incredible way that the facilities adapt to the natural environment. All of this makes the winery one of the most technologically advanced and most respectful to the idiosyncrasy of the wines of Lanzarote.