Tradition and sustainability, innovation and quality, effort and a spirit of overcoming, are concepts that perfectly define the reality and philosophy of Finca de Uga, a cattle farm founded at the end of 2006, and located in the same town of Uga, on the island of Lanzarote.


As people who love natural products and healthy living, we have a space devoted to the traditional growing of fruits and vegetables with the sole objective of looking after our growing system, guaranteeing freshness, the natural flavour of the products and respecting seasonal produce.

Over a growing area of 70,000 m2 you can find different fruit trees, including oranges, avocados, mulberries, apples, figs, apricots, as well as two greenhouses devoted exclusively to the production of papayas, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, courgettes and other vegetables.


Finca de Uga has a total of 1,000 animals, including Canarian Black Pigs, Canarian Black Free Range Chickens, Majorera Goats, Canarian Sheep and Jersey Cows. They all live in direct contact with the countryside and in a clean environment, with music during the day in order to thus recreate a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere among the animals.


Our suckling pig, is the product obtained between the cross-breeding of Iberian Pigs and the indigenous breed, the Canarian Black Pig. This cross, unique worldwide, known as the Finca de Uga pig, is a mixture of the best aspects of both breeds, the streaks of fat in the meat of an Iberian Pig, with the special flavour of the Canarian breed. The pigs live in large landscaped areas with pools, where they spend much of their time, mixing with one another and this is where they carry out mating naturally.
With complete care and affection, two weeks before the sows give birth, they are moved to the maternity and suckling area, facilities that guarantee their comfort and that of the piglets, given that they have exclusive areas for the piglets, with heat plates to obtain shelter.


Equipped with innovative facilities that respect traditional production methods, we only receive the milk from our 300 Majorera Goats, 300 Canary Sheep and 30 Jersey Cows, in order to obtain yoghurt and a wide range of high quality cheeses, which range from pressed pastes of a single type of milk, to cheeses of different mixes and plant and lactic coagulations, attaining an annual production of just 24,000 kg.

Our production system pursues sustainability whose main objective is guaranteeing the maximum comfort and wellbeing of animals, carrying out rigorous control of feeding and maintaining proper hygiene in order to obtain top quality raw produce.

The effort, dedication and care with which we obtain and transform our milk, has enabled us to achieve cheeses with a unique character and quality, endorsed by important national and international prizes.


Proyecto subvencionado por la Consejería de Turismo, Industria y Comercio del Gobierno de Canarias, según Resolución de la Dirección General de Industria n.º 1859/2019 de 22 de noviembre de 2019.